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Islamic Tablet For kid

Islamic Tablet For kid

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  • Interactive Islamic Content
  • Child-Friendly Interface
  • Engaging Learning Activities
  • Quranic Verses Exploration
  • Arabic Alphabet Mastery
  • Prophetic Stories & Morals
  • Salah (Prayer) Guidance
  • Islamic History Lessons
  • Ethics and Manners
  • Fun Quizzes Included
  • Halal Entertainment Options
  • Parental Control Features
  • Quranic Recitation Practice
  • Educational Games Included
  • Safe and Secure


  • Helps kids learn about Islam and its practices in an interactive and engaging way
  • Teaches kids important Prayers and Dua's recited on a daily basis
  • Helps kids learn and memorize ABCD faster
  • Enhances memorization skills
  • Builds confidence in kids as they become more familiar with the prayers and practices of Islam
  • Promotes a love for learning about Islam and encourages kids to become more engaged in their religious community.
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